The Kaizer is our iconic Pergola and one of the most admired products of our range. It offers a light environment with a designer open-concept top to engage the onlookers and provide a delight to everyone’s eyes. Kaizer is a multiple-purpose Pergola, which can either be used to highlight a decoration or place a set of chairs.

Exhibition – Build Expo, Bareilly
Size Available: 3.65 x 3.65 meter


With a thick wooden appearance, Hazelwood is a simple but enchanting Pergola which is made of Poly  Fibre Reinforced Polymer like most of our products. It is a highly versatile product for cross-functional usage, to provide flexibility with maximum room to glamorize your outdoor space.

Bungalow – Green Park, New Delhi
Size Available: 3.65 x 3.65 meter


It is a Grid Pergola with an appearance of thin timber log-cuts, but it is manufactured with the use of highly flexible and strong material – Poly Fibre reinforced Polymer. As shown in the image, a grid enclosing can be done for an outer structure, like a balcony, while still maintaining the comfort of open space.

Bungalow – Vasundhra, Ghaziabad
Size Available: 5 x 5 meter


Maya is an adorable product with comes with longer dimensions. As needed, it can be customized for a very spacious environment or can be fitted to serve a family. It provides a stylish advantage to patio that is unparalleled to any other piece of equipment. Like other products in our catalogue, Pergolas don’t require annual staining or frequent maintenance due to Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer as a base material. Maya is a very cost-effective structure to build, when compared with other materials such as wood or alloys.

Township – Omaxe City, Omaxe Group, Rohtak
Size Available: 8 x 6 meter, Each Module


The Emperor’s design is inspired by the palaces of our tradition, to beautify the glimpse of the entire house. In place of metal or plastic sheds for balconies, this Pergola can be installed as per customized orders, providing a conventional touch with Poly Fibre for extreme rigidity.

Farm House – Brijwasan Farm, New Delhi
Size Available: Customised


A freestanding Pergola, it is used to make asimple yet adorable sight for your garden. The designer top instantly attracts the attention of onlookers, due to its immensely pleasant features. As seen in thepicture.

Farm House – KLJ Farm, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi
Size Available: 7 X 5 Meter, Rectangular


A fascinating combination of Pergola design with robust Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer Jali, this intricate ornamental openwork can be combined with exterior walls as shown. The pleasant white tone of this structure goes with almost any shade of the surrounding area. The wider space can also be used to build a mesmeric entrance for your premises.

Township – Green Escape – Ansal API, Sonipat
Size Available: 7 x 3 meter


An exclusive design in our collection, this Pergola-cum-Walkway structure is a jewel for any property. It is installed to convert a simple outdoor space into a breathtaking landscape. An impressive example of creativity, it is manufactured with Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer material after adequate testing for endurance.

Banquet – The Royal Tree, Hapur
Size Available: 40 x 5 meter


As shown in the picture, this Pergola can be very useful to construct a fancy entrance to the car parking in the basement area. It is carefully crafted with a natural look to convince everyone in the vicinity. It can also be used around a ventilation-shaft passage/staircase in a building.

Township – Krish City – Krish Group, Bhiwadi
Size Available: 6 x 6 Meter


This ‘Curved Roof Walkway’ type decoration is a variation of Pergola, which can be installed as a wall-mounted or a freestanding structure with Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer reinforcements to meet any customized demand. This is a magnificent option for your terrace to create an alternate form of relaxing space with shelter.

Bungalow – Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi
Size Available: 10 x 8 meter


Four pillar wooden-look Pergola comes with a covered option, which gives it a mix of Pergola charm and adaptability to any environment. With a strong composite material as Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer to build this exquisite Pergola design, it has multipurpose applications including rooftop, patio, entrance and garden decor.

Bungalow – Hauz Khas, New Delhi
Size Available: 3.65 x 3.65 meter


A freestanding white Pergola, it is used to make a simple yet adorable sight for your garden. The designer top instantly attracts the attention of onlookers, due to its immensely pleasant features. As seen in the picture, this Pergola can be used to cover a bar counter.

Bungalow – Golf Course Road, Gurugram
Size Available: 4 x 6 meter


A Pergola combination made with a wooden look, often used for walkways, entrance to the properties’ entry and car drop points in front of a premises to glamorize the overall look of the surroundings.

Farm House – Brijwasan Farm, New Delhi
Size Available: 20 x 4 meter


Observe the contrast between white pillars and the traditional cut top-section. This intuitive design can be integrated with a balcony or patio to complete a spectacular design. It can be matched with most of the color combinations of your property to attain an alluring glance with attractive results.

Township – CHD City – CHD Developers, Karnal
Size Available: Customised


With its lustrous and fine details with contrast, Stella is an outdoor Pergola with open rafters and no walls that provides a light, airy and inviting space to relax, dine or just admire. Adding a Pergola like this maximizes the usage of your outdoor space by adding an area for outdoor furniture.

Display – M G Road, New Delhi
Size Available: 3.65 x 3.65 meter

Style : PFWP - 011

Style : PFWP - 012

Style : PFWP - 013

Style : PFWP - 014

Style : PFWP - 015

Style : PFWP - 016

Shade Card - Cast Iron Finish

Shade Card - Wood finish MICA

Shade Card - Wood finish texture


FRP Pergola

Create an outdoor paradise by installing a striking FRP Pergola (Poly  Fibre Reinforced Polymer) in the outer space. The Fibre Reinforced Plastic used to create these beautiful Pergolas offer advantages that surpass the offerings of products made using traditional materials like steel, wood and aluminium. The FRP or GFRP Pergola (Poly  Fibre Reinforced Polymer) not only adds to the beauty of your premises but also acts as a protector. Their robust nature, dimensional accuracy and high tensile strength make it an ideal piece to be added to your décor plan. The FRP Pergola needs minimal maintenance and is easy to install. Its premium appearance makes it a highly appreciated and sought after product in its league. The exceptional durability quotient is bliss for those who have decided to have it placed in their outer space. We are committed towards crafting the best GFRP Pergola in order to meet your needs. They are made available to you in a wide variety of unique, attractive and customize designs. Pergolas made from FRP and GFRP are highly resistant towards impact, corrosion and weather conditions that include strong winds and heavy snow loads as well. They tend to be bad conductors of thermal and electrical conductivity making them an ideal safety measure for any Pergola that is within human reach.

Poly Fibre Pergola

Add charm to your beautiful outer space by having a Poly Fibre Pergola installed. It is an ideal and beneficial addition to your backyard or deck. This water proof and temperature resistant Pergola is a logistical solution for sun damage or overheating and work wonders for elevating the design of exteriors. Deciding to buy a Poly Fibre Pergola is an assurance that you get high quality material to suit all weather conditions. We make a variety of Pergolas delivered to your respective destination in addition to getting it installed too. The Poly Fibre Pergola comes in different dimensions, shapes, colours and designs to choose from. The outer coating of the Pergola is of the finest quality that is easily washable and stays intact. Every Pergola manufactured or sourced by us is exceptionally sturdy and durable. With a better life than the others available in the market, these Pergolas are flawless and can stand the attack of termites, borers, fungus, chemicals and mild acid appropriately. The Poly Fibre Pergola is well appreciated for their resistance towards water, moisture and light weight as well. Your search for finding a Pergola in a colour of your choice at cost effective prices ends here with our unmatched collection offering complete satisfaction in every sense. Their strength, resistance to weathering activities, durability – all make it the most suited one for just anyone.

Pergola Designers

Discover exciting Pergola ideas to turn your outer space into a gorgeous one. Who doesn’t prefer shade over Sun but that does not necessarily mean you have to stay inside? With the concept of lush Pergolas sweeping the designing and decor world, Pergola Designers have started getting recognition in the said niche. Pergolas are an ideal solution that looks beautiful while providing relief from harsh rays and allowing cool breeze to settle in. Choose it for a gleaming skyline or a blooming garden or perhaps a sparkling pool – they fit in just perfectly.

Enjoy reading your favourite book or sipping your favourite drink under the comfort of the handcrafted range of Pergolas from Poly Fibre World. Having gained the trust of our esteemed clients, our skilled Pergola Designers believe in setting new standards with every product created and delivered. Browse through the photos and idea books available here or walk in to our premises to find the one for you. The roots for Pergolas lie in Italy where it became popular during the Renaissance period. They soon came to be adapted across globe for varied purposes like may be a patio cover or a pool shelter or perhaps a trendy car shade too.

Pergolas have experienced tremendous advancement as far as the raw materials used to build them are concerned. The conventional Pergolas were made from wood posts that have been replaced by much more durable, sturdy and advanced ones like aluminium Poly Fibre, vinyl, GFRP, FRP and more. Ideal to provide shade for those long walkways, the artistic Pergolas add on to the overall elegance of your property. Our Pergola Designers do not leave any stone unturned while creating your choice of the same. Further, every Pergola bought from us and installed by us comes with a 10 years warranty for no additional cost.

Seems expensive or unrealistic? We will make it realistic for you to beautify your place with a stunning Pergola that is affordably priced and is delivered to your doorsteps. Go ahead and spend that extra money in decorating your Pergola further with rose creepers or colourful vines. Give wings to your ideas of killing it through a handcrafted Pergola particularly customized for you. Let Poly Fibre World take the lead to understand your requirement and guide you regarding the ideal Pergola i.e. what suits you best – a FRP Pergola or GFRP Pergola or a Pergola made from Poly Fibre and so.