1. Customization of any product :

Offering customized product is a stepping stone towards achieving a high level of trust and customer loyalty. With the help of highly experienced professionals, Poly Fibre® World strives to provide products as per the requirements of the customers.

2. Make in any design color, texture or finish :

From domes to pillars, classy white to stylish grey, we have all the variety for all your needs. Poly Fibre World is an expert in creating all modern designs, finishing it with the right colors and textures. Elegant and chic.

3. Production Sheet :

Before starting any project, we have excellent resources to make a blueprint for any project and draft its production sheet, before the actual manufacturing starts.

4. Skilled Engineer & labour :

We house some of the best artisans in the country. Our team of engineers and labors are excessively skilled in their trade and assure you of work only of the highest quality.

5. Foundation Drawings :

We have an in-house team of expert architects and designers with immense experience who can make foundation drawings, using a decent range of Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer products.

6. Installation Drawings :

Onspot layout of installation design is created by our team to match the needs of our customers. Modifications are made accordingly to fulfill their demands.

7. Self Installation Procedure :

Dependency is what we like to keep at bay. We have our own installation team that reaches the destination within the 24 hours of the transaction. We also provide after-sales services.

8. Hardware kit :

We use the latest equipment and tools available to fabricate the Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer products, exactly as per the product specifications.

9. Tools kit :

The toolkit includes all minor and major tools that are required to do any kind of repairing or installation.

10. Paint kit :

The paint kit includes a variety of shades and tone. Some people prefer bright colors to match the aura, while others prefer light colors to relax. It is also used to touch-up any visible scratches.

11. Gather Information to manufacturing of product through Global Exhibition :

Our dedicated research professionals and top executives regularly attend all global exhibitions and fairs in the industry to keep the entire company up to date on modern technologies. We employ the best manufacturing techniques.

12. Modular Product :

Minimum time to assemble.

13. All work in-house :

Poly Fibre® World has in-house departments for designing, production and installation, which ensure transparency and smooth operations.

14. Lightweight :

The use of Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer in manufacturing the products provides quick mobility, making it customer friendly to use and accommodate.

15. Reinforcement :

All products reinforced with different material according to design & strength give durable & more life.

16. All Section commercial with Us :

Every commercial section of Poly Fibre World follows the recommended Secretarial Standards. We abide by the law, follow the rules and ensure you only the best experience.

17. Special Coating :

We coat all our Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer products with an in-house developed special coating that makes them weather-resistant and long lasting. You get a supreme value for your money with every purchase.

18. Except Gazebos, almost every product is home painted :

At Poly Fibre World, we keep outsourcing to a minimum. We use our own expertise to home paint each product of ours, except Gazebos, to maintain the brand quality intact.

19. Selfie Point :

Most of our products are selfie points of lot of people because of its attraction.

20. No Wind pressure effect :

In designing we go through a number of parameters for no effect of wind pressure.

21. Workforce :

Every executive in our company is efficient and knowledgeable. At no step will you encounter inexpertise from our workforce. We start working immediately on order placement and guarantee you a quick delivery.

22. High Popular :

In Farm House, Resorts, Terrace Gardens, Hotels.

23. Export to Canada :

Poly Fibre World also caters to international clients. We currently export our products to Canada with further expansion plans actively in motion.

24. Import from Italy :

Poly Fibre® World promotes bilateral trade. Some special chemicals are imported from Italy and have to undergoes throughout the various stages to ensure their quality.

25. Exhibitions Participation :

We participate a lot in exhibitions in Delhi / NCR & other states to display our product for touch n feel to everyone to touch and feel.

26. Display Store :

Chandigarh & Guwahati

27. Amalgamation of engineering and designing :

Unique engineering and design techniques help us to make stunning designs, crafted for elegance and perfection with a great strength to withstand wear and tear.

28. Product Life :

More than 25 years because we use raw materials according to the product with test certificate from raw material manufacturer.

29. Weather :

No effect of weather because we are using all the  materials from multi national companies.

30. More Enhance :

we enhance  your Landscape area with various kinds of designs & models.