1. Customization of any product :

Offering customized product is a stepping stone towards achieving a high level of trust and customer loyalty. With the help of highly experienced professionals, Poly Fibre® World strives to provide products as per the requirements of the customers.

2. Make in any design color, texture or finish :

From domes to pillars, classy white to stylish grey, we have all the variety for all your needs. Poly Fibre World is an expert in creating all modern designs, finishing it with the right colors and textures. Elegant and chic.

3. Production Sheet :

Before starting any project, we have excellent resources to make a blueprint for any project and draft its production sheet, before the actual manufacturing starts.

4. Skilled Engineer & labour :

We house some of the best artisans in the country. Our team of engineers and labors are excessively skilled in their trade and assure you of work only of the highest quality.

5. Foundation Drawings :

We have an in-house team of expert architects and designers with immense experience who can make foundation drawings, using a decent range of Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer products.

6. Installation Drawings :

Onspot layout of installation design is created by our team to match the needs of our customers. Modifications are made accordingly to fulfill their demands.

7. Self Installation Procedure :

Dependency is what we like to keep at bay. We have our own installation team that reaches the destination within the 24 hours of the transaction. We also provide after-sales services.

8. Hardware kit :

We use the latest equipment and tools available to fabricate the Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer products, exactly as per the product specifications.

9. Tools kit :

The toolkit includes all minor and major tools that are required to do any kind of repairing or installation.

10. Paint kit :

The paint kit includes a variety of shades and tone. Some people prefer bright colors to match the aura, while others prefer light colors to relax. It is also used to touch-up any visible scratches.

11. Gather Information to manufacturing of product through Global Exhibition :

Our dedicated research professionals and top executives regularly attend all global exhibitions and fairs in the industry to keep the entire company up to date on modern technologies. We employ the best manufacturing techniques.

12. Modular Product :

Minimum time to assemble.

13. All work in-house :

Poly Fibre® World has in-house departments of designing, production and installation, which ensure transparency and smooth operations.

14. Lightweight :

The use of Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer in manufacturing the products provides quick mobility, making it customer friendly to use and accommodate.

15. Reinforcement :

All products reinforced with different material according to design & strength give durable & more life.

16. All Section commercial with Us :

Every commercial section of Poly Fibre World follows the recommended Secretarial Standards. We abide by the law, follow the rules and ensure you only the best experience.

17. Special Coating :

We coat all our Poly Fibre Reinforced Polymer products with an in-house developed special coating that makes them weather-resistant and long lasting. You get a supreme value for money with every purchase.

18. Except Gazebos, almost every product is home painted :

At Poly Fibre World, we keep outsourcing to a minimum. We use our own expertise to home paint every product of ours, except Gazebos, to maintain the brand quality intact.

19. Selfie Point :

Most of product is selfie point of lot of people because of its attraction.

20. No Wind pressure effect :

In designing we go through lot of parameters for no effect of wind pressure.

21. Workforce :

Every executive in our company is efficient and knowledgeable. At no step will you encounter inexpertise from our workforce. We start working immediately on order placement and guarantee you a quick delivery.

22. High Popular :

In Farm House, Resorts, Terrace Gardens, Hotels.

23. Export to Canada :

Poly Fibre World also caters to international clients. We currently export our products to Canada with further expansion plans actively in motion.

24. Import from Italy :

Poly Fibre® World promotes bilateral trade. Some special chemicals are imported from Italy and have to undergo throughout the various stages to ensure their quality.

25. Exhibitions Participation :

We participate lot of exhibition in Delhi / NCR & other states With display our product for touch n feel to everyone.

26. Display Store :

Chandigarh & Guwahati

27. Amalgamation of engineering and designing :

Unique engineering and design techniques help us to make stunning designs, crafted for elegance and perfection with a great strength to withstand wear and tear.

28. Product Life :

More then 25 years because we are using raw material according to product with test certificate from raw material manufacturer.

29. Weather :

No effect of weather because we are using all material from multi national companies.

30. More Enhance :

of your landscape area with different type of design & models.


Poly Fibre Gazebo – Rubens (Hexagonal)
1. FRP Moulded Canopy (Gazebo hexagonal shape) Double Finishing sheet in 4.45 M dia.

i). 06 no. Ornamental design FRP moulded pillar FRP base pedestal with vertical fitted design having base width of size 1900 mm dia and height 2100 mm having 6nos. of size 20 mm drilled in the base with hold fasts and having B class vertical MS pipe, the central MS pipe holds FRP moulded taj 6 nos. suitably moulded at appropriate height complete as per design. COmplate pillar suitably grinded and subsequently spray painted with coats of P.U paints in required shades.

ii). 11 nos. spandrel and 06 nos. Friezes Floral and ornate decorative design combination of spandrel and frieze, matched to be suspended between two MS pillars as per design. The spandrel (LBracket) having length 235mm and height 375 mm the frieze (top panel) height 105 mm and length as per the size of gazebo. The frieze mounted on MS tubular pipe frame, frieze properly welded to be the column pillars at either ends. Complete set of spandrel & frieze uniformaly grinded spray primered, spray painted with P.U paints.

iii). 05 nos. FRP base panel railing with frame Floral and ornate decorative design FRP side railing panel as per design having height of 525 mm and length as per size of Gazebo. Each panel top and bottom mounted with mild steel tubular pipe frame. The bottom mild steel pipe having 2 nos. of hold fasts in MS pipe welded ate base to hold the panel in the ground. Every panel length as per the gap between the two pillars. The complete railing panel grinded for neat surface finishes spary primered and subsequently spray painted with P.U paint in required shades.

iv). One set of top frame with double finishing FRP moulded plastic roof Top frame in MS tubular pipe properly welded and grinded. The top frame mounted with FRP molded sheet of 4mm thick with top and bottom good finishing (Double finishing sheet) to make it rust proof bent to profile in Z-section on either ends fixed horizontally along the length between column pillars. Also it contains FRP moulded ball of 500mm dia x 2 mm thick at the central top for its beautification. Each such sheet properly riveted to horizontal sheets. The complete item is fitting at site without C.C floor and without sitting benches at site.


Part 1 – GENERAL


A.Related Documents:

1. Drawings and general provisions of the Subcontract apply to this Section.

2.  Review these documents for coordination with additional requirements and information that apply to work under this section.

B. Section Includes:

1. Furnishing and Installing framing pieces, fittings of Poly Fibre ® Gazeboplates, bolts, and providing special instructions,templates and setting plans for their installation.

2. Installing Poly Fibre ® Gazebo shown on the Drawings.

3. Supplying complete section drawings and instructions.

C.Related Sections:

 1. Division 1 Section “General Requirements”

2. Division 1 Section “Special Procedures”


 A. General:

 1. The following documents form part of the Specifications to the extend stated. Where differences exist between codes and standards, the one affording the greatest protection for their shall apply.

 2. Unless otherwise noted, the reference standard edition is the current one at the time of commencement of the work.

 3. Refer to Division 1 Section General Requirements for the list of applicable regulatory requirements.

B. Manual of Steel Construction of the AISC9th edition.

C. ASTM International applicable standards.


A.Submit under provisions of Division 1 Section “General Requirements”

B.Submit shop detail drawings.

C. Submit manufacturer’s specifications and installation instructions.
D. Prior to installation, provide complete shop, erection, installation and assembly drawings for the work, including anchor bolt setting plan as required to assemble all parts, componentsand accessories. Drawings shall indicate he piece marks of all parts to be erected or assembled and clearly depict the methods and sequence of assembly and erection.

E. Copies of shop drawings, including erection drawings, shall be submitted to the Department for review before the start of fabrication. The Department review is of a general nature only, and all responsibilities for compliance with Drawings, specifications and dimensions shall remain with the Subcontractor.The Subcontractor shall verify all layout dimensions with the Drawings, and will notify the Department of any discrepancy and/or omission, Do not installed any members until all dimensions have been verified and resolved.

F. Following the manufacturer’s final inspection submit the manufacturer’s certification in accordance with Paragraph 3.3A.


 A.Manufacturer’s Qualifications:

 1. The manufacturer shall be experienced in the manufacture of Poly Fibre ®structure of equivalent type, size and complexity required by these Subcontract documents. Manufacturer shall have a minimum of 10 years in manufacturing Poly Fibre Structures.

 2. The subcontractor will certify in writing that materials have been tested in accordance with a certified quality assurance program and have been proven to be satisfactory for the use intended by these subcontract documents.


A.Deliver to the site all materials required for erection. Place members and components off the ground using pallets, platforms or other supports. Provide covers, and protect members and packaged materials from the weather.



A. The Polyfibre Structure for the work will be IFR manufactured Fibergrate corporation and will be furnished to the Subcontractor by the department. The Poly Fibre Structure shall be transported from their storage location installed by the subcontractor.

B. Fasteners and saddle clips : 304 stainless steel (S.S.)


A. Structural members, fasteners, and accessories shall be shop fabricated in accordance with applicable ASTM standards.

B. Materials furnished shall be within the standard industry tolerances for that material as specified by the manufacturer.

C. Manufacturer’s workmanship shall be such that the parts are accurately made and true to dimension so that in erection of same all parts will properly fit together.

D. The dimensional tolerances of Polyfibre shapes shall be as specified in ASTM 3917-80 “Standard Specifications for Dimensional Tolerances of Thermosetting Glass Reinforced Plastic Structures”.

E.All Poly Fibre members that are cut or drilled shall have those affected surfaces sealed with catalyzed resin sealant prior to installation. The resin and other materials used shall be compatible with the environment and as a minimum shall be similar to , if not the same, as the base resin used.

F. Fabrication and installation of all Poly Fibre shapes shall be done in such a way as to prevent attack from corrosive agents, Extra care should be taken to prevent any damage to the Poly Fibresections. Scratches and gauges as well as all cut edges and drilled holes, shall be resin sealed to prevent excessive attack of the laminate. The resin and other materials used shall be compatible with the environment and as a minimum shall be similar to, if not the same,as the base resin used. Drilled holes may be oversized a maximum of 1/16 inch.



A. The subcontractor shall examine the areas and conditions under which the work is to be installed. Do not proceed with the work until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected. Beginning of installation means the erector accepts existing conditions.

B.Erect Polyfibre structure and accessory items in accordance with manufacturer’s erection drawings and as directed by manufacturer’s written recommendations.

C.All framing work shall be true to line, level and plumb.

D.In order to prevent secondary stresses, do not force members in to position. Plan erection sequences accordingly.

E.Provide temporary bracing and supports as required to ensure frame stability during erection.

F.Completed poly fibre structure shall comply with approved erection tolerances and shop drawing requirements.

G.Poly Fibre Structure is to be fastened to support members with1/4 inch diameter fasteners in the following pattern: two fasteners located between the third and fourth vertical on each end of a panel and one fastener in the middle on intermediate supports.

H.See paragraph 2.2F for protection and repair of members and assembly.


A. Upon completion of work contained in these specifications, leave all work and premises clean and in satisfactory condition.


A.The completed assembly shall undergo a final inspection by manufacturer’s representative to clarify that the finished product has been erected in accordance with the manufacturer’s shop drawings and these specifications.