Poly Fibre Gazebo – Rubens (Hexagonal)
1. FRP Moulded Canopy (Gazebo hexagonal shape) Double Finishing sheet in 4.45 M dia.

i). 06 no. Ornamental design FRP moulded pillar FRP base pedestal with vertical fitted design having base width of size 1900 mm dia and height 2100 mm having 6nos. of size 20 mm drilled in the base with hold fasts and having B class vertical MS pipe, the central MS pipe holds FRP moulded taj 6 nos. suitably moulded at appropriate height complete as per design. COmplate pillar suitably grinded and subsequently spray painted with coats of P.U paints in required shades.

ii). 11 nos. spandrel and 06 nos. Friezes Floral and ornate decorative design combination of spandrel and frieze, matched to be suspended between two MS pillars as per design. The spandrel (LBracket) having length 235mm and height 375 mm the frieze (top panel) height 105 mm and length as per the size of gazebo. The frieze mounted on MS tubular pipe frame, frieze properly welded to be the column pillars at either ends. Complete set of spandrel & frieze uniformaly grinded spray primered, spray painted with P.U paints.

iii). 05 nos. FRP base panel railing with frame Floral and ornate decorative design FRP side railing panel as per design having height of 525 mm and length as per size of Gazebo. Each panel top and bottom mounted with mild steel tubular pipe frame. The bottom mild steel pipe having 2 nos. of hold fasts in MS pipe welded ate base to hold the panel in the ground. Every panel length as per the gap between the two pillars. The complete railing panel grinded for neat surface finishes spary primered and subsequently spray painted with P.U paint in required shades.

iv). One set of top frame with double finishing FRP moulded plastic roof Top frame in MS tubular pipe properly welded and grinded. The top frame mounted with FRP molded sheet of 4mm thick with top and bottom good finishing (Double finishing sheet) to make it rust proof bent to profile in Z-section on either ends fixed horizontally along the length between column pillars. Also it contains FRP moulded ball of 500mm dia x 2 mm thick at the central top for its beautification. Each such sheet properly riveted to horizontal sheets. The complete item is fitting at site without C.C floor and without sitting benches at site.