Director’s Message

Since the establishment of Poly Fibre® World in 2009, we have innovated, appraised and implemented a lot of sustainable strategies with the goal of giving life to the Poly Fibre structures. On our path to endlessly refine the product quality, we have been ambitiously working hard to make our designs unparalleled in terms of attractiveness.

If crafted using flawless methods, architectural installations at their visionary best can thrill and inspire others. It is an arena that embodies style ingenuity, creating alluring spaces and most importantly – imagination.

Therefore, our products are not just an assembly of the non-living products made of composite materials but we rather choose to build what coincides in harmony with the mother nature. It is with this very ethic that we at Poly Fibre® World shape today’s spaces by adding layers of ornamental artifacts & infrastructure that embellish the existing surrounding environment.

As said, we pay utmost attention to the environmental factors that affect the outdoor designs, which is done by taking into account the changes in humidity, temperature and wind pressure to prevent the structures from harsh weather conditions.

In the time of large-scale urbanization, we restrain from adding deteriorating blankets to the environment. Instead, we strive to consolidate the development by keeping the surroundings as natural as possible.

Each member of our team is a passionate professional dedicated to our vision. We shall continue with our astounding journey to learn more about emerging technologies to construct decorative furnishing products and contribute indefinitely for a sustainable relationship with our clients.

Suruchi Khandelwal (Director)